Kossel 3D Drucker

Temp (check me!)


Normally the X is front left, Y front right, and Z in the back. If your parts are coming out backwards/mirrored, you can switch the X and Y motors (and don’t forget the limit switches), and that will correct the issue.

Marlin Firmware Links


Kossel build videos

Flash The Controller

  • In Arduino IDE, select your micro-controller from the Tools -> Board menu
  • Select the serial port to which the machine is connected from the Tools -> Serial Port menu
  • Click the Verify/Compile button to see that the code is okay.
  • Click the Upload button. If all goes well the firmware will upload and restart.

That’s it. Now that you’ve flashed Marlin to your board, Enjoy Silky Smooth Printing! Status API Training Shop Blog About Pricing

Anschluss der Elektronik

Kühlung der Motor Driver

Tradtioneller Printer

Ramps 1.4 für traditionelle 3D Drucker

Ramps 1.4 für traditionelle 3D Drucker mit Heated-Bed Sensor

Delta Printer (Kossel)

Ramps 1.4 für delta 3D Drucker

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